About Me

In grade 2 I got in big trouble for operating a bracelet-making business complete with inventory records, and (poorly paid) employees underneath my school desk. Apparently selling embroidery floss bracelets for $0.50, made by my friends that were being paid $0.10 per bracelet wasn't ethical according to my teachers, but it's stuck with me my whole life. I grew up with a mom in a 9-5 office job that decided one day to drop it all and jump head-first into cultivating a dream life and becoming a photographer. No one was telling her not to do it. ;)

So what's a girl to do with big entrepreneurial dreams, generational skills, and a need to chat with everyone she meets? Start a photography business that gathers all of that good stuff and puts it together. Below is a short timeline of my journey.

Timeline of Taylor Drake

- 2001 - Hand me the camera

I mentioned that my mom is a photographer right? This means that since I was born, there has been a camera either in my face, in my hands, or on the kitchen table. My first memory of this is when I was about 4 years old and getting these photos taken (by my mom) to mimic my mom's 1987 glamour shots.

Meet my Crew

Josephine & Violet

If you like cats, dogs, or animals in general, you are my kind of people. These are my furry daughters whom we affectionately call "Josie" & Violet. If you are wondering where the cat hair came from, it doesn't matter if I am 8 hours away, it was them.


My favourite cheerleader, second shooter, tech guy, and fun-bringer. Also my partner. I like to tell stories about us and use him for posing examples while he helps me out on wedding days by getting those extra angles and pumping up bridal parties. If you want to hear a funny story from him, just ask about the time he butt-dialed 911 three times.

My Purpose

To make you feel beautiful, confident and excited while capturing memories and moments that you will carry with you for generations.
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