JENIKA & bRANDON - winter wonderland wedding in burin, nl // newfoundland wedding photography

Jenika booked me right after she and Brandon got engaged and charmed me immediately when she said "You are my one must-have!". She will be teaching a masterclass in how to love on your wedding photographer I am sure. I was literally jumping up-and-down excited to shoot their wedding and when I saw that there was a mega storm in the forecast 2 days before, I was extra excited because that meant the beautiful Burin Peninsula would be covered in SNOW! In December!!!! This never happens in case anyone is wondering what the big deal is. Jenika did a great job at curating a beautiful, bright, and airy winter wedding. I was so happy to get to photograph and hang out with her and Brandon. They are just the sweetest and most tender couple.

Congratulations and happy newlywed days!